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Spanish travelers: Hotel stays flat, short-term rentals up 41% YOY

As Phocuswright
Europe 2024
opens in Barcelona, Phocuswright has published its latest
consumer analysis, Spain
Consumer Travel Report 2024
. According to the report, for Spanish
travelers, hotels remain the overall lodging of choice, with short-term rentals
(STR) a distant second. However, STR usage increased considerably over the
prior year, closing the gap somewhat.  

Both hotels and STRs are chosen primarily for price,
location and value, but hotels also see a unique benefit from their
star-ratings systems. STRs are more often selected for things like privacy,
home-like feel and positive reviews.

Booking-wise, online travel agencies are the dominant hotel booking channel
among Spanish travelers. Overall, the largest drivers of any hotel channel,
whether direct or indirect, are price and convenience, with those booking
direct more likely to cite supplier brand preference or redeeming loyalty
points, and those choosing to book indirect influenced more by convenience and
easier comparisons between hotels.

This report, based on a survey of Spanish leisure travelers,
provides a comprehensive range of data and analysis on the trip life cycle for
consumers in Spain.

Key questions answered include: 

  • What does the average Spain traveler look like? How many
    trips do they take per year, where do they go, with whom, for how long, and how
    much do they spend? 
  • What resources – online and offline – do Spanish travelers
    use to research, plan and book their trips? 
  • How do preferences differ across age groups? 
  • How do travelers make decisions about various elements
    (e.g., air, hotel and activities) of their trips?
  • What role does social media play in Spanish consumers’
    travel planning activities? 
  • What is the sentiment toward future travel? What changes,
    if any, do Spain travelers intend to make regarding their future travel? 

Part of the Europe
Consumer Travel Report 2024 series
, other country reports include the
following (available now or coming soon):

Learn more

Phocuswright’s vast library of research spans the entire
travel, tourism and hospitality industry around the globe, presented via long-form reports, decks, data products and interactive charts.

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