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Sabre Hospitality deploys first generative AI tool

Sabre Hospitality has launched a generative artificial intelligence driven tool to boost customer service for hotels.

SynXis Concierge.AI is the hospitality division’s first generative AI deployment and aims to provide hotels with detailed and accurate responses to their queries.

The solution is being employed by Sabre’s customer care and delivery team in the first instance to help them with hotel customer contact.

Scott Wilson, president of Sabre Hospitality, said: “SynXis Concierge.AI will significantly elevate the customer service experience by providing swift and accurate resolutions. This innovation underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Sabre plans to integrate SynXis Concierge.AI into its community portal. The company is also seeing where it could be used in existing products to boost efficiency and drive conversion.

“Generative AI represents a monumental leap in technology for the hospitality industry,” said Amy Read, vice president of innovation at Sabre Hospitality.

“With SynXis Concierge.AI, we are not only revolutionizing customer service but also unlocking new opportunities for driving operational efficiency and personalizing the guest experience. We have the data and connectivity to maximize Generative AI’s potential, and we are fully committed to continuous innovation, helping our customers achieve their fullest potential with this transforming technology.”

Sabre president and CEO Kurt Ekert shared during its first quarter earnings call that the company sees three applications for generative AI currently: faster coding, automating traditionally manual processes and embedding the technology across existing airline and hospitality tools.

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