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Accelya introduces new service to expedite NDC implementation

Airline software provider Accelya is launching FLX Select, a platform
to enable a fast and standardized deployment of IATA’s New Distribution
Capability (NDC) standard.

The company says the product can help airlines implement NDC offer
generation and order creation in 90 days, to help them potentially generate new
ancillary revenue and improve their distribution efficiency.

“Accelya’s customers are taking control of their retailing,
improving distribution costs and setting themselves up for Offer & Order
transformation through our FLX Platform,” said Sam Gilliland, CEO of Accelya.

“We are delighted to bring the benefits of modern retailing to the
wider industry by standardizing and simplifying NDC implementation through FLX

The company said companies that have committed to use the product
include Travelfusion and Navan.

“Navan believes in NDC’s promise to benefit both airlines and
passengers through modern retailing and servicing channels,” said Ian Fette, vice
president of engineering at Navan.

“Having a simplified and standardized NDC deployment will speed up
both time-to-market and the Navan Group’s capacity to integrate with more

In April,
Delta Air Lines named Accelya
, along with Google, ARC and IATA, as the four
“solution design partners” it is working with to develop its NDC platform.

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