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Servantrip urges agents respond to ‘dupe destinations’ trend to drive tours & activities sales

In response to a growing trend for travellers visiting ‘dupe destinations’, Servantrip, the world’s leading B2B tours, activities and transfer platform, has responded with some tips for how travel agents and other intermediaries can tap into this trend.

Research from Skyscanner shows that travellers are searching for dupe destinations – alternative vacation spots that are more budget-friendly and less crowded than already-popular destinations – where they can enjoy new experiences. Skyscanner conducted a survey last year, revealing that 93% of travellers were willing to consider a less popular destination, with approximately 64% citing cost savings as a deciding factor. Examples of this shift included Milos, which offers stunning landscapes and beaches similar to Santorini but with fewer tourists, and Budapest, which boasts beautiful architecture and a rich cultural scene at a lower cost compared to Paris.

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